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WebPages dedicated to Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev,       

or containing information about them

  1.  http://www.valova.net/index.php  - webpage in English, dedicated to E.Valova

  2.  http://www.pairsonice.com/profileview.php?pid=72   - page about E.Valova and O.Vasiliev. Competitive records, pictures.

  3.  http://www.poweradeiceport.com/site/content/directors/ - webpage of one of the largest ice complexes in North America "Powerade Iceport", where O.Vasiliev will be employed as a director of elite figure skating. "Powerade Iceport" is opening in Early 2005.

  4. http://www.infosport.ru/Panorama/figure_skating/paire/legend1.htm - page about E.Valova and O.Vasiliev. Biography.


Articles on the Internet about  Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev

  5. http://www.pnp.ru/pg_nomers/9106.htm - interview with E. Valova (in Russian)

  6. http://www.sport-express.ru/art.shtml?64714 - interview with O. Vasiliev. (in Russian)

  7. http://www.eg.ru/Publication.mhtml?PubID=4146 - interview with O. Vasiliev. (in Russian)

  8. http://smena.ru/sport/523  - interview with O. Vasiliev. (in Russian)  

 9. http://www.izvestia.ru/fugureskating/article43937  - interview with O. Vasiliev. (in Russian)

 10. http://www.izvestia.ru/sport/article26490  - interview with O. Vasiliev. (in Russian)

 11. http://www.newizv.ru/news/?id_news=4085&date=2004-01-23 - interview with O. Vasiliev. (in Russian)


Pictures on the Internet

 12. http://www.gg.caltech.edu/~jeff/images/VandV.JPG

 13. http://www.pairsonice.net/photopage.php?event=19880216&program=SP&f=Valova&m=Vassiliev

 14. http://www.pairsonice.net/photopage.php?event=19880216&program=LP&f=Valova&m=Vassiliev

 15. http://www.gordeeva.ru/photoalbum/calgary.htm   - pics 21, 22, 23, 25, 26,28

 16. http://www.gg-corner.de/pictures/1986/1986_euro01.jpg

 17. http://www.gg-corner.de/pictures/1986/1986_worlds01.jpg

 18. http://www.pairsonice.net/gordeeva/media/mags/boi-sogcast.jpg  (bottom row to the left)

 19. http://www.angelfire.com/ms/anorexianervosa/pairclinic.jpg (bottom row to the left)

 20.http://www.harlick.com/img/gal/ice/valova.jpg -1986г. Start position from the exhibition program  "Snow-storm" to the music by G. Sviridov

 21.http://www.theskateblade.com/events/photos/2003coi/vasiliev-slute-goebel.jpg - picture with O. Vasiliev and I.Sluzkaya.

 22.http://www.gordeeva.com/programs/images/calgary/czeck_88_3.jpg  - picture with V&V on the 1988 Olympic podium


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