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Thank you for your visit to the website "Poetry in Motion ", dedicated to Elena Valova and Oleg Vasilev. I hope, that you have found or will find interesting information not only about this remarkable pair, but also about the figure skating of 80’s.


March 2003 marked 20 years since E.Valova and O.Vasilev's had won the 1983 World championship in Helsinki in their first attempt. The launch of the website was dedicated to this 20-year anniversary.  

Since the launch time, the website has undergone several changes in design. An English version of the website was created and added. The website now has sections "Articles' Archive" and "Video". The "Champions of 80’s " section has turned out to be a significant addition to the site. However, its English version has still been under construction, but in the near future it will also be finished and presented to your attention.

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New on the Website!!!


§         The English version is created and added


§         New section " Champions of 80’s " is added. 

The section is a unique opportunity for a virtual journey through the 80’s, to recall remarkable figure skaters of that time, their faces and achievements. "Champions of 80’s " presents the information about the World Championships and Olympic Games that took place throughout the decade. It includes text commentaries and extensive photogalleries of all winners and medalists. This section is unique because almost all pictures in the photogalleries were taken during the event they represent, which will give the opportunity to the visitors of this website to plunge into the atmosphere of those years!!!

Some pages of the section are still under construction, but they will be updated with new information and pictures on a regular basis – so, stay tuned and watch for updates!!!


Everyone who owns and is ready to share any additional information or photographs of the period from 1980 through 1989, please, contact the webmaster at  webmaster@valova-vasiliev.com .






To Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev for their support of the site and for their gratitude and help!!!


To Natalia Lebedeva(Moscow), Elena Goldenkova(Moscow), Irina Bulgakova(Rostov-on-Don), Ekaterina Tekucheva(Rostov-on-Don) and Lilia Chizhkova (Moscow) for all pictures and articles!!!


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