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Amateur Career  


Short program: "Demon" (V&V delivered this program in various competitions of the season 1979-1980 where  only the short program was required)                                                                       Long Program: to various Russian patriotic melodies .

                                                              1980-1981                                                                   Long Program: in the beginning of the season  "Pictures from an Exhibition", Mussorgsky, was changed for "Shakherezada" , Rimskiy-Korsakov later in the season.

                                                              1981-1982                                                                 Long Program: "Shakherezada" , Rimskiy-Korsakov

                                                              1982-1983                                                                   Short program: "Sibaney" - famous Latin melody in 1950's                                                                               "Toreador", Bize (delivered at 1983 Worlds)                                      Long Program: "Get Back"; “Fur Elise”; "Stairway to Heaven".                                            Exhibition: slow composition to the music by Grieg, comic number "Circus".                                                                                                                                                                      1983-1984                                                            Program: «Kalinka».                                                                                                              Long Program: "Get Back"; “Fur Elise”; "Stairway to Heaven".                                           Exhibition: 1. "Baba-Yaga" from "Pictures from an Exhibition", Mussorgsky                                                    2. slow composition to the music by Grieg

                                                              1984-1985                                                              Short program: The Flight of a Bumble Bee", Rimsky-Korsakov                                                 Long Program: "Shurale" to the music by M. Yarullin                                                              Exhibition:1. "Baba-Yaga" from "Pictures from an Exhibition", Mussorgsky  -                                                 2. "Madam Butterfly", Puccini

                                                              1985-1986                                                                  Short program: to the contemporary music by R. Pauls                                                                   Long Program: "Shurale" to the music by M. Yarullin                                                             Exhibition: "Snow-storm" to the music by G. Sviridov

                                                              1986-1987                                                                   Short program: Georgian folk music, including the famous "Lezginka" and "Suliko                          Long Program: to the music by Strauss  ("Pizzicato Polka"; "Acceleration Waltz"; -----                                        "Radetzky March")                                                                   Exhibition: 1."Anthem of Leningrad"---                                                                                                    2. "Klinka"---                                                                                                                3. "Snow-storm" to the music by G. Sviridov

                                                              1987-1988                                                               Short program: «Zorba the Greek"                                                                                            Long Program: to the music from the song "The Final Countdown" of the band "Europe", slow part -   "Snow-storm" to the music by G. Sviridov                                                                        Exhibition:  1."Snow-storm" to the music by G. Sviridov                                                                                    2. American folk music

Professional Career


World Professional Championships                                                                                      Pairs technical : "Zorba the Greek"                                                                                         Pairs artistic : "Life and Death of Hoakim Murietti", Rybnikov (scarf number)              

Challenge of сhampions                                                                                               "Shurale" to the music by M. Yarullin                                                                               

                                                              1990-1991                                                             World Professional Championships                                                                                     Pairs artistic: entertaining number «Swan lake» (Elena on one skate)

                                                              1992-1993                                                                    World Professional Championships                                                                                    Pairs technical:  "Whiter Shade of Pale"                                                                                  Pairs artistic:  "All Shook Up" Elvis Presley 

Challenge of champions                                                                                                      "The Story of My Life" - Michael Crawford, chor. William Fauver

United States Open Professional Championships                                                                Pairs technical:                                                                                                                     Pairs artistic: "None But The Lonely Heart" P. Tchaikovsky

                                                              1993-1994                                                               World Professional Championships                                                                                           Pairs technical:  “Bridge Over Troubled Water”                                                                         Pairs artistic:  "Paso Doble"  from the movie «Strictly Ballroom» 

Challenge of Champions                                                                                                    "None But The Lonely Heart" P. Tchaikovsky                                                               Exhibition: "Paso Doble"  from the movie «Strictly Ballroom» 

Canadian Professional Figure Skating Championships                                                      Pairs technical                                                                                                                      Pairs artistic: "None But the Lonely Heart" P. Tchaikovsky                                               Exhibition: "The Story of my Life" Michael Crawford

                                                              1996-1997                                                             Legends Figure Skating Championships                                                                          Round 1: "None But the Lonely Heart" P. Tchaikovsky                                                            Round 2: "All Shook Up" - Elvis Presley.  Chor. Roca & Sur.                                                   Round 3 : "Life and Death of Hoakim Murietti", Rybnikov (scarf number


Skates of Gold,  Boston, 1993                                                                                       «Kalinka»

Skates of Gold II,  Cincinnati, 1994                                                                                        Waltz Gerry Herman


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